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Image by Lingchor


At Balanced Rock Wellness, we know that the first steps on your journey to better mental, social, emotional, and relational health can be some of the most daunting. It's hard to admit that we need help and even more difficult to know where to look for it. With that in mind, we aim to make the therapy process accessible and as comfortable as possible for our clients.


With many combined years of personal and professional experience in mental health, we strive to maintain an atmosphere of empathy, non-judgment, and compassion (and encourage the growth of these attributes in my clients). Our goal with every human who comes to us for help is to assist in teaching self-love and congruence with one's values as an underlying principle for better living.


We believe that each of us is capable of tapping into perhaps unknown wells of inner strength and stability with the right support. We are not here to be the expert in your life, but we are confident we can help you realize that you can be.

You've taken the first steps toward wellness. Keep going.

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